Do you know which of your designs are in campaigns and which aren’t?


Find them, and then Drag ‘n Drop them into their campaigns with Merch SuperSystem Ads.

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  • Bulk campaign creation & editing
  • Super easy drag and drop system!
  • Introducing Campaign Noning
  • Make sure your ads are live
  • Stay organized – Take control of your ad spend!
  • All your data in one secure interface

Bulk campaign creation & editing

Create new campaigns in a fraction of the time it takes manually

Super easy drag and drop system!

Quickly imports all your designs from Merch and all your campaigns from AMS

Choose any of your designs from your product list on the left and simply drag them into existing campaigns (or create new ones) on the right.

For your convenience you can search using keywords or filter by dates to find specific designs you’ve uploaded to work on.

Introducing Campaign Noning

This awkwardly named feature lets you always know if your designs are being advertised. When turned on, your product list will show only designs without a campaign. Keep adding them to campaigns until the list is empty!

Did you reupload a design and now need to re-advertise it?
Added new designs to a niche that already has a campaign?

With SuperSystem it’s unbelievably simple to locate designs which are not in campaigns and add them to the most relevant campaign or to a new campaign

Make sure your ads are live

Sometimes we pause ads or campaigns and forget about them. That’s understandable given how many campaigns most of us are running.
Now you can just flip a switch and see all of your designs that are in campaigns but aren’t being delivered to customers, and decide if they should stay that way or get turned back on.

Stay organized – Take control of your ad spend!

Don’t overpopulate your advertising account with too many overlapping campaigns. It’s now

All your data in one secure interface

The chrome extension pulls data from both AMS and Merch into one interface

All your data is processed locally and never gets sent anywhere, ever.

Easy Setup

It all comes together to streamline your workflow

  • Add to Chrome
  • 60 Second Sync
  • Done

Pricing Plan

  • Basic Pack
    • Unlimited Campaign Creation
    • Campaigns & Products Explorer
  • Professional Pack
    $14.99/per month
    • Unlimited New Campaign Creation
    • Drag and Drop: Add Products To Existing Campaigns
    • Smart Filtering:
      • -Find Products Without Campaigns
      • -Find Products That Aren't Delivering
    • Enable / Pause Campaigns
    • Enable / Pause Individual Ads

Who We Are

Made by Merch sellers for Merch sellers
We’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars from Merch to date. We initially developed this tool for our own use but figured it can have value for the community and decided to release it.We hope this will help MBA sellers scale their business like it helped us and save them valuable time and money.

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