Merch SuperSystem Introduction - About us and what is Merch SuperSystem?

Merch SuperSystem’s answers to existential questions:
– Who are we?
– Why did we create this tool?
– What does it do?
– Are there life out there in the galaxy?
All these questions (except for the last one) are answered in this video!

Merch SuperSystem Tutorial #1: Get to know the dashboard

Meet the Merch SuperSystem user-friendly dashboard.
Merch SuperSystem imports all of your products from Merch and all of your campaigns from AMS.
In this video, we explain how the dashboard is built before we dive into the workflow.

Merch SuperSystem Tutorial #2: Creating Campaigns & Filtering

See how fast and simple it is to create campaigns with Merch SuperSystem compared to doing it manually in Amazon Advertising.
And see the basic filters that make it easy to navigate your products list – make sure you watch the next video about Smart Filters as well !

Merch SuperSystem Tutorial #3: SMART FILTERS - See which product are not in campaings and more!

Putting it all together: The Smart Filters will make a world of difference to your workflow. And not less important, they will save you time and money!

– The “Campaign Noning” Smart Filter – With one click Merch SuperSystem will show all the products that are not in any campaign. So you will be able to easily create campaigns for new designs and reuploaded designs, or add them to existing campaigns.

– The “Not Delivering Smart” Filter: What about products that ARE in campaigns, but for whatever reason aren’t showing to customers? This filter will show you all of those and help you decide how to fix it.